Making Supporting Small Businesses Easy!

Times are tough with all the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and now the economy too. For those lucky enough to still be working from home or safely furloughed life isn’t all that bad, even if it is still scary. But many of our small business are suffering. This post is going to detail the sort of things that you can do to support small businesses, … Continue reading Making Supporting Small Businesses Easy!

Get a Mini You and be Twice the Fun | AD: Gifted

Not having your friends and family close is HARD! I’ve been at university five years (storytime?) and long distance is hard. Sometimes the only thing that can fix a day is your mum. Very recently, I was gifted my very own mini me, and it was honestly hilarious, and the last thing I was expecting and yet it made my day! Its highly likely that … Continue reading Get a Mini You and be Twice the Fun | AD: Gifted

Wait! Primark is ONLINE!?

Finding things in Primark can be a total nightmare! It seems like so many of the things you see people posting about never show up in store, especially when you’re local store is a smaller one. Early last week a few news articles started circulating claiming that Primark was now selling their merchandise online, and there was free next day delivery!! The world lost their … Continue reading Wait! Primark is ONLINE!?