Covid-19 and your Disney Trip

It has been announced earlier today that the Disney Parks around the world will all be closed from Sunday March 15th to April 1st 2020. This is also the case for Universal Hollywood and Orlando. The Asian parks have been closed for a while now and it is unknown at this moment when they will reopen. Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris will … Continue reading Covid-19 and your Disney Trip


How to use LineBerty | Disneyland Paris

With Christmas season in full swing at Disneyland Paris now, it can be difficult to fit in everything that you want to do, and so the LineBerty app can actually be your best friend! Whilst it can be awkward to get the hang of, it saves you having to queue for hours to meet your favourite characters, leaving you with extra time to spend trying … Continue reading How to use LineBerty | Disneyland Paris

Wait! Primark is ONLINE!?

Finding things in Primark can be a total nightmare! It seems like so many of the things you see people posting about never show up in store, especially when you’re local store is a smaller one. Early last week a few news articles started circulating claiming that Primark was now selling their merchandise online, and there was free next day delivery!! The world lost their … Continue reading Wait! Primark is ONLINE!?