Design Ideas to get you a 5 Star Island | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I have been a life-long animal crossing fan. I’ve been playing since Wild World was released on the Nintendo DS all those years ago, and so I’ve picked up a few tips in my time.

The release of New Horizons came at a perfect time, with the majority of people being forced to stay at home due to the pandemic, a huge number of people gravitated towards the easy, stress free game to kill some time. Especially those who had never played before, so this post is for those of you who just want to boost up your Island’s rating and maybe want some new things to do!

The star rating of an island is based on two factors, a development score and a scenery score.

Development awards points based on the infrastructure of the island, including the shops, bridges and inclines. It also includes bought furniture and fencing.

Scenery scores are based on how crafted furniture is arranged as well as the use of trees and flowers, and now shrubs too!

Here’s What you need to have to get those points up and earn those 5 Stars:
– You must have 10 villagers on your island.
– Keep your island tidy and free of weeds. Don’t leave any loose resources and items lying around, especially any rubbish like cans, tyres and old boots!
– Decorate your island with furniture, whether it’s crafted from your DIY recipes or you bought it doesn’t matter, but your island needs more than just trees and flowers. (You get extra development points if it’s the kind of furniture you would actually find outside).
– You can be penalised for the island looking cluttered, so try to space out your furniture as points of interest rather than keeping it all in one area.
– Make use of fences, it will really help your development score! The same goes for bridges and inclines.
– Plant lots of flowers (you get extra points for hybrid flowers).

It is also thought that connecting all areas of your island with pavements, bridges and inclines can help boost your scores too.

I hope you’ve found this helpful, and if you have any other tips, I would love to hear them!
I’d love to see your islands too so please tag me on twitter and instagram in any pictures! I’m in need of some inspiration at the moment.

If you’re looking to purchase Animal Crossing New Horizons to test out these tips for yourself, you can do so here. You can also purchase the Nintendo Switch, or its Lite edition. (Affiliate Links)

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