Making Supporting Small Businesses Easy!

Times are tough with all the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and now the economy too. For those lucky enough to still be working from home or safely furloughed life isn’t all that bad, even if it is still scary. But many of our small business are suffering. This post is going to detail the sort of things that you can do to support small businesses, in ways that are totally free or cost the bare minimum.

Follow them on all their Socials

It’s the easiest way to know what they’re up to, know about their products and see what is coming next, but it also shows the algorithm that people want to see from this brand and helps to favour them in yours, and other people’s feeds. Plus it costs you absolutely nothing!

Like their posts!

Again, this is all about the algorithms on social media, which are tricky to navigate on a good day. A quick like and even better, a comment boosts their posts, saves them on advertising and again costs you less than 30 seconds of your day!

Tell your Friends!

Word of mouth is still one of the best advertising tools that a brand can use. If someone close to you that you trust tells you that something is good, you’re more likely to believe them than an advert seen on facebook. It costs nothing, and it spreads the word about the brands and products that you love. Talk about them enough and your friends might even treat you from those brands for your birthday!

Share their posts!

This again is a no brainer, its free advertising. Money that a brand saves on advertising, can actually go into profit for them, and usually reduces costs on your favourite products too.

Buy from them!

This is the only tip here that will cost you anything, but it only costs as much as you want it to, and you get a treat out of it, so it isn’t all bad!

When you support a small business you're supporting a dream ⭐ by

It really is that simple. If you’re a small brand, link your pages down below, I’d love to fill the comments with lots of new stores to discover, and if there are any other ways that we can support you, definitely drop those below too!

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