Get a Mini You and be Twice the Fun | AD: Gifted

Not having your friends and family close is HARD! I’ve been at university five years (storytime?) and long distance is hard. Sometimes the only thing that can fix a day is your mum.

Very recently, I was gifted my very own mini me, and it was honestly hilarious, and the last thing I was expecting and yet it made my day! Its highly likely that I’ll be sending mini versions of myself to all my university friends when I graduate and move home this summer.

Celebrity Cutouts make lifesize and miniature cutouts of your favourite celebrities, and now you can order yourself too! They can even print masks and giant heads, its honestly the most exciting post. I cannot stop placing orders! They are constantly doing giveaways over on their social media and showing the most satisfying videos of the cutting machine, so I highly recommend that you drop them a like and a follow too!

You need a fairly high resolution, full length picture of yourself with as plain a background as possible, and then the rest of the work is up to the amazing team!
My lovely mug now lives in my bedroom at home so that my Mam doesn’t miss me too much while I’m away, although she has said she prefers how quiet this version is, so who knows if I’ll be allowed back, HA!

I’ve also been lucky enough to gift my boyfriend a mini version of his hero, Dwayne Johnson, and then his mum one too so they didn’t fight over him.

I of course had to get a mask of the heavenly specimen that is Chris Evans, which acts as a wall decoration in my flat at the moment, and probably will forever! If you want a good giggle, all the reactions to my items are saved in my instagram highlights!

Then finally, I need to thank the team for gifting me a giant Winston Churchill head. He went down a treat at Bistre Care Home, Buckley which is managed by my incredible Mam. It really helped to cheer up the staff and residents, as well as brighten up the VE Day celebrations!

If you would like to place an order, you can use my code CASTLETALK10 to grab yourself 10% off. There is no benefit in there for me, but plenty for you so go ahead! Tag me in any orders that you receive too because I’m obsessed!

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