Making Your Own Forky!

Since the release of Toy Story 4, the new character Forky has become extremely popular! But with issues in the Disney Parks and across the US Disney Stores with their Forky plush release, it might be a struggle to get your hands on your own.

The Range has been stocking a Make Your Own Forky kit, and it is priced at just £6!

The kit is made by Sambro Toys, and contains a large, thick plastic spork, that has a Pizza Planet logo embossed on the handle. Three pots of playdough, in red, white and blue. Pipe Cleaners and stickers.

It is super easy to make, especially as the feet are also plastic and dont need to be stuck into place! There are stickers to make the feet look like Forky’s own popsicle stick feet, and others for decorating.

To begin, you stick on his eyes, which are just googly eyes in two sizes with peel-off sticker backs. There are moulded slots that they fit into making this job even easier!

Next, you need to mould his face from the provided Playdough. Starting with the red, make his monobrow then with the blue, make his mouth. You are given far more than you need so you might even be able to have some additional crafting fun with the leftovers.

What I will point out, the kit is designed to be used for animation, and so the dough once dry won’t stay stuck, so if, like me, you are hipong to use the Forky as decoration only, you may want to buy some supergue too.

Next, you need to add the stickers to Forky’s feet. This is a relatively easy task, and there are stickers for the bottom of his feet too so that you can add your name, or your child’s name, just like Bonnie does in the film. The next step is adding the white playdough to the base, giving the effect that he is held together by the dough. This again will dry out if left out, but will stay in place unlike his facial features.

Finally add the pipe cleaner arms. To make the fingers, fold over one end of each pipe cleaner three times to create fingers, then the opposite ends are to be wrapped around the handle of the spork. The pipe cleaners are a little bit shorter than expected, and so this bit can be tricky, but certainly not impossible.

As mentioned earlier, the kit is designed to be used to make little stop motion animation films. I personally didn’t want this feature, and so I didn’t download the app onto my phone. But, the cardboard scene that came with the kit is great for taking photographs with, be it with Forky, or other Toy Story characters you might own.

All in all I had a lot of fun making Forky, this kit made it quick and easy, and actually really fun. Forky is fairly big, and makes a great decoration in any Disney bedroom.

Have you purchased a Make Your Own Forky kit? I would love to see your creations, tag me on Instagram!

Amy xo

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