Review: Spider-Man Far From Home

The sequel to the 2017 film Spider-Man Homecoming acts as a soft jump into the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe. It ties up any loose ends left by Avengers: Endgame, and provides what is almost an antidote to the heartache caused by it.

This film sees Peter Parker (Tom Holland) take a school trip around Europe in which his only mission is to tell MJ (Zendaya) how he feels, but this is a superhero film, not a teen rom-com so as you can probably imagine, things don’t go his way.

If you have lived on another planet, and by some chance still haven’t seen Endgame, I would probably stop reading, and head to a cinema as soon as possible, because everything from here on out will ruin that for you. Do not fear though, there will be no Far From Home spoilers here.

With Iron Man gone, questions are rising about the Avengers and who will take the lead, with much of the speculation falling upon Spider-Man. Whilst Peter Parker is certainly smart enough, it is his own self confidence that leads him to believe otherwise, all he wants is to take a break and travel Europe.
The film gives further insight to what happened during Thanos’s Snap which is now referred to as ‘The Blip’, and gives some comical explanations as to the goings on around it.

But there is only so long that Far From Home can dwell on the previous films before needing to set out its own plot. The film sees the introduction of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), a character that is filled with immense power and many surprises, serving as an awkward bro for Spider-Man and a new father figure, almost.

The film relies heavily on CGI but is visually stunning, and brings a very perplexing Marvel comic book character to life without breaking a sweat. Through most of the movie the laughs fall on Parker stumbling through Europe, making awkward chat with MJ and abandoning his superhero responsibilities , but by the end of the film it is impossible not to empathise with him!

Far From Home isn’t a perfect film, but it achieves heights that Homecoming couldn’t have even dreamed of. The conflict of the film is slow starting, bogged down in the transition from the trauma of what came before, but the visuals certainly make up for that.

There are two post credit scenes which give a exciting insight into the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe, and of course what is next for Peter Parker in his role as Spider-Man.

Have you seen Spider-Man: Far From Home yet? What are your thoughts?

Amy xo

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